VADA/Nova Dressage Schooling Show: October 6, 2017
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VADA/Nova Dressage Schooling Show: October 6, 2017

October 6 Dressage Schooling Show at
Compass Rose Farm


Opening date Aug. 6 Closing date Sept. 27
Judge Deborah Hellen (L)    Secretary Judy Grass - grass@ccr.org

Prize List

This is the annual COSTUME show!

On-line entries include a non-refundable $5.00 convenience fee.

To enter a Non-Compete horse, leave the Test Total at 0 and the Test 1 and 2 blanks empty.  There is a $30 fee for a non-compete horse.

That gives the minimum entry price of $35.

If you intend to send volunteer bucks as part of your entry fee then you must do your entry the "old fashioned way" and use regular mail. At this time we cannot process PayPal and volunteer bucks together.

Your Coggins and Liability Release must be sent to the Show Secretary, Judy Grass, 2901 Fox Mill Rd.,  Herndon, VA 20171 to complete your entry.


 The horse name you give us must *exactly* match what is on your Coggins Test, If not we cannot enter you!
 Your horse's Coggins Test must be within a year of the date of the show to be valid. The name on the test also must exactly match the name you have on this Entry Form.
Rider Status
Current MemberShow Pass HolderNon-Member
Age Group
Payment Status
Current Member/ Show PassNon-Member
Is this LATE (after Sept. 27)? Late entries need to be appoved by Show Management before you submit an entry.
NoYes (+$20.00)
 If you are trailering with someone, put that here.
Price: $5.00