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Low Stress Fix A Test - June
Product ID VNJuneFixATest
Low Stress Fix A Test - June

VADA/ Nova Low Stress Fix-A-Test with Phoebe Devoe-Moore ('r' Judge)

Rider Paypal Payment

June 1, 2019
Compass Rose Farm, Haymarketg, VA

Details of this event are posted on the VADA/Nova Website.

VADA/Nova Members pay $30 for a 30 minute Fix-A-Test ride.

Non-members (including Show Pass Holders) pay $60 for that ride

In addition there is  a $5 Paypal convenience fee.

Applications are due by May 17.

Use this PAYPAL option for payment if (and only if) your application to ride in the Fix-A-Test has been accepted and confirmed by Sheli King!

You may contact Sheli King if you have questions at amking91@verizon.net

 The horse name you give us must *exactly* match what is on your Coggins Test, If not we cannot enter you!
Rider FixATest Status
Current Member (+$30.00)Show Pass Holder (+$60.00)Non-Member (+$60.00)
Price: $35.00
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